Monday, February 1, 2010

The Who's Who

With every story, there are many characters that go along with it. My life at school has a list of "main characters" as well. The people who will without a doubt show up throughout this series of tales.
First off, there's Brooke. She's my next door neighbor, as far as lockers go and is easily the most outrageous person I've ever met. This girl is so uninhibited around our group of friends, but as far as the entire high school community knows she is a reserved and quiet girl. Two words I would NEVER use to describe Brooke. What it comes down to is that she is the funny one, plain and simple. I only hang out with people who have great senses of humor, but she has an affect on me like no other.
Well then, there's Jessica she just reaches five feet but is full of unlimited energy. She's my best friend for sure. The most reliable person I've ever met. She's nuts. She's up for anything and I would consider her to be my partner in crime, for lack of a better term. I could spend hours on end with Jess and her humor never gets old.
Olivia and I started out on the strangest of terms. We always had these unspoken feelings of annoyance toward each other. It wasn't until this year that we completely bonded. I could tell Liv just about anything and vice versa. She is so blunt, so spontaneous. She honestly lives life to the very fullest and doesn't care if the people around her stop and stare.
Nina is a brilliant girl, which is displayed in her quick-witted sense of humor. She is beautiful and can get the attention of just about any person with a pulse. I've been close with her since freshman year and care so deeply for her. She is the type of girl who has a funny comment about everything and I love that about her.
There are many supporting characters among my days in Catholic High School. You'll here about them too if you choose to read on. For now, I feel obligated to give you a general idea of who will be commonly gracing the pages of this blog. To put it in simpler terms, this is my possy and they are virtually the only people I can tolerate in my school.

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