Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Squeaky Wheel

My psychotic excuse for an English teacher is completely screwing me over at the moment. This has completely consumed the majority of my past two days at school. It's okay though because school is much less drab when you have something good to bitch about. I've avoided several of my other classes because I have spent them in the guidance office figuring out a way to get the Hell out of that class so that I can never look back. English is my strong suit as far as academics go. I cannot afford to settle with mediocre grades just because my teacher speaks in a monotone voice and bores me to tears. My notebook for her class is filled with delightful little doodles exclaiming my ardent desire to "jump off a cliff" or "kick the teacher in the head" (Billy Madison style). It just recently got out of control when I approached her over a problem that I had with a paper and she called me annoying. I LOST it. Since then I have been in and out of guidance whining my way out of the dreadful hour that I am forced to sit through in her class each and every day. My fingers are crossed that I will be getting my way in the near future. Things are looking up and I don't think I will have to carry out any of those extremities that I express in lieu of taking any legitimate English notes. Here's hoping!

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