Monday, February 1, 2010

And The Saga Begins..

I'm a junior at a Catholic High School who has been searching for a topic to base her blog on. Then, as I was sitting in Mr. Montanaro's Algebra 2 class, it hit me. Each school day I go through six hours, eight periods of: teachers who don't have a clue, classmates who push me to my last nerve, and friends who make the experience a little bit better. So, here it is. My newest blog. The Catholic School Chronicles. Here, I will basically support the idea that my school is a bit of a joke. Here, I will tell you about the mean girls who inhabit the halls that you only thought existed in movies. Here, I will explain how my school is virtually incapable of hiring an actual good teacher. Here, I will tell you how I have learned to get away with a lot more than I really should. And I hope you enjoy.

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