Friday, March 26, 2010

Hangover Thursdays!

Although I once claimed to be a suitable candidate for the blogging world.. I have recently proved otherwise with my lack of consistency for these Catholic School Chronicles. For that I apologize. As of now I've got a pattern going... For the past two Wednesdays nights now I have gotten uncontrollably drunk. It's not spring break just yet so yes, I did in fact have school the mornings after. Last Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day.. I spent it roaming around the parade in NYC and then back at my friends house once I got home. I got home at 10 o'clock that night and proceeded to take a shower that I did not remember taking the next morning. The only reason I know this is because there is evidence on my friend's Facebook wall, where I decided to leave a video with a towel wrapped around my head, make-up running down my face, and water dripping from my nose. Aside from realizing that I bathed unbeknownst to my memory, that Thursday morning was well.... eventful. Up until the very moment that my ride to school beeped her horn, I was face down in a toilet bowl puking and needless to say it all went down hill from there. I remember sitting in Algebra, obviously hungover, thinking I am NEVER drinking on a school night ever ever ever again. And then this Wednesday came along. It was Olivia's birthday dinner. I had NO choice but to "take one for the team" and get wasted at a Japanese restaurant with about 15 girls, 2 and a half handles of cheap liquor, and a bottle of champagne! A recipe for disaster if you ask me. But believe it or not, we all made it out virtually unscathed (minus the mysterious bruising above my left knee). Anyway, we brought iPod speakers and got a private room. We made quite the impression on the elderly couple seated just outside our party, I'm sure. In the end, we did not anticipate just how hefty that bill would be. We were short about $40 on the check at first. I did things that night that I would certainly not have done soberly (i.e. suggesting that the owner drive me to an ATM so that I could pay the difference of the money that we were missing). But, fortunately enough the manager there is very good friends with Brooke's family and told us that it was on him after we scraped up twenty more dollars. You may be thinking to yourself: What does this have to do with Catholic school? Well, quite frankly it doesn't have all that much to do with it. The biggest point I am trying to make is that that Japanese restaurant was filled with fifteen reckless teenagers on Wednesday night. Those girls all grace the halls at my Catholic school and each one of them miserably dragged themselves to school yesterday. Catholic school tells us all the time that drinking is bad. Partying is a 'no no'. On the weekends is one thing, but school nights is in a whole new ball game. And recently I've been in the starting line up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've done a horrendous job at actually keeping this blog up to date. My apologies to whoever may be reading this out there! I'll continue some more story telling as soon as I feel inspired to again. Thanks for your patience, Cheers!