Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Nurse

To us, the nurse's office is like a home away from home. On a daily basis, all four of us plan out AT LEAST one period to just sit in the nurse and talk about whatever the Hell is going on in our day.
I would like to make it known that our school nurse has the best job on the planet. She loves to gossip and loves to hear about all that is going on with the girls and boys (mostly the girls) at my school. Basically, what it comes down to is that I can walk into the nurse's office at any point in the day. The second she starts giving me any shit about how I'm in there too much, all I have to do is start telling her a story about some skanky underclassman who went down on some boy and I'll have her hooked for the remainder of the period that I am attempting to skip. It's a pretty foolproof method.
My school pretends to be strict when it comes to discipline. That is a complete joke sometimes, especially when it comes to the disorder that ensues in that nurse's office. The school claims that they go through the nurse log, where you write down: your name, the period you are missing, your symptoms, and your plan of care, etc. This is "mandatory" to fill out upon arrival. Let me reveal my hall of fame when dealing with my "symptoms" in that nurse log...
Let's see, there's been:
- Skitzophrenia
- Cramps (A common excuse since no one asks questions. Next to explosive diarrhea it's probably your best bet)
- Nausea
- Hives
- "Ughh"
- A sad face.. I left this one to the imagination of whomever spends their time reading this bullshit.

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