Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brain Overload

Every fiber of my being wants to be able to just relax and enjoy beautiful weather. Instead, I sit in the sweatbox that is my school every day and am tortured with the fact that I will be taking the ACT's on Saturday. Once that beautiful experience is over, It's time to start studying up for my exams that run from Tuesday of next week to that Friday. It is so close. SO incredibly close. But it seems like it is taking a lifetime. Today, I had tests in legitimately every single class.. None of which I were actually prepared for. Two were open-note and one is a take home test but the problem is that my brain is absolutely fried! I bullshitted through some tests, cheated on another, and did fairly well on the rest (I guess). It's every man for himself at this point. Everyone is just trying desperately to finish off this last quarter relatively unscathed, including myself.

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